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3,5 sterren uit 75 beoordelingen
12 aug 2019 om 23:50 Heerlijk eten, alleen jammer van de late bezorging.
11 aug 2019 om 22:19 Zeer smakelijk eten, vriendelijke bezorging
11 aug 2019 om 0:15 eten kwam heel laat aan, voor de rest was wel lekker.
6 aug 2019 om 20:10 Food came late and they didn’t have what I wanted twice in a row. A shame because the food is nice but can be much better run
2 aug 2019 om 20:55 Niet compleet aangeleverd
27 jul 2019 om 10:15 Het eten was heerlijk. Er stond 80min. Maar kreeg mijn bestelling met 60min. I think i got lucky
20 jul 2019 om 13:47 Ik moest mijn eten meer dan 2 uur wachten terwijl ik 15euro voor bezorging moest betalen. Eten was te zoutig! Slecht service!
1 jul 2019 om 6:03 Deed 2 uur voordat het eten werd bezorgd na 2 x bellen !! Plus het eten was koud!! Heel slecht
29 jun 2019 om 18:13 Takes too long
10 jun 2019 om 3:41 My food was 3 hours and 40 min late! When it was 2 hours late I called the place and they told me I should get it within 10 min. By the time it came everything was cold and hard. I am pissed! I want my money back or I want a free dish or whatsoever!!
25 mei 2019 om 22:41 Food was delivered 2 hrs 30 minutes after it was ordered, if you are really hungry, cooking at home will probably turn out quicker. However, it was very delicious, by far the best i’ve had in Amsterdam. If you can wait 3hrs, then you wont be disappointed.
21 mei 2019 om 6:51 It took about 2 hours to get my food