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12 nov 2020 om 19:28 The food is always yummy but the delivery time
14 okt 2020 om 18:18 First time I order a meal and it arrived fast unlike other days, it usually takes 2 hours. Food is always yummy
8 okt 2020 om 20:21 Yummy food! Came on time
4 okt 2020 om 22:36 Never arrived. They don’t answered the phone
27 sep 2020 om 8:48 De bezorgtijd was 2 uur en 50 minuten! Belachelijk! En als je dan belt om te vragen waarom het zo lang duurt doen ze nog onbeschoft ook.
17 sep 2020 om 21:22 Delivery was more than 90 minutes, almost 2 hours after ordering food. Please up your service provision because even after complaining to the restaurant, they sounded unconcerned that the timelines are normal
30 aug 2020 om 19:39 Food took 2hours which is ridiculous!!!
30 aug 2020 om 19:12 Ik heb nog steeds geen eten ontvangen. Zwaar teleurstellend. Ik ontvang graag mijn geld twrug
28 aug 2020 om 23:40 Food took long to be delivered OMG! But the food is tasty
26 aug 2020 om 19:29 The food is always warm and delivered on time
22 aug 2020 om 19:21 Ze bezorgen het eten bijna 3 uur later!
21 aug 2020 om 23:01 I ordered the food at 20:00 I received it at 23:00. ( 3hours!!) I was so disappointed!! Never ordering there again. I called and the girl there was so rude aswell. I will never order food there again. I will not recommend anyone to order from there !